Frequently Asked Questions


There are a number of recurring questions which I receive from time to time.


Where can I buy Phoenix Command?

Phoenix Command was published by Leading Edge Games until LEG ceased operations in 1996. This has made the products, especially the core Small Arms Combat System very difficult to find. There are three possible sources:

  • Used bookstores and used game stores. Phoenix Command may still be found in some game stores’ inventories, and occasionally, caches of product are sometimes unearthed in distributor’s warehouses.
  • Online retailers such as Amazon’s Zshops sometimes carry Phoenix Command.
  • Online auctions such as ebay sometimes have Phoenix Command offered up for sale.

How do I create my own weapons–where can I find the formulae? How are the weapon data derived?

The original formulae for deriving weapon data is the intellectual property of the game’s designer, Barry Nakazono, and he has never released them to the public. Some formulae which approximate the weapons design process have been created, and can be found in on sites listed in our links section.

What is Phoenix Command?

Phoenix Command is a small arms combat simulation designed to be used with dice, paper, and/or miniatures. The Phoenix Command rules use a modular design which allows them to be inserted into any set of roleplaying game rules, or wargame rules. Rules exist for Small Arms, Mechanized (Tanks and Vehicles), Artillery, Hand-to-hand, Special Weapons, Roleplaying, and other aspects of warfare. Weapons data exists for many weapons, ranging from medieval to futuristic.


Who designed all the stuff on this page?

The website design and any rules designs appearing here are created by myself, R.J. Andron unless otherwise stated. I tend to be quite careful in ensuring that proper credit is given and if a rules design, scenario, weapon design, or other design was submitted by another person, then I have placed that person’s name atop the appropriate page.

Can you help me find gun parts, munitions, or fulfill other, bizarre requests that could have possible dangerous repercussions in the real world?

Repeat after me…Phoenix Command is a game. I cannot help you find weapon parts, I do not deal in arms or munitions, and any unusual (i.e. dangerous) requests are typically forwarded to the proper authorities for further action.